Flat Top 882 Bevel

Flat Top 882 Bevel Overview

Flat Top 882 Bevel is a radius or straight running plastic chain with a stainless steel pin. Top plate thickness is 5.0 mm (0.20”). The 882 chain is considerably stronger than 880 chain and is available in widths up to 12”. It is easily removable for quick cleaning in sanitary applications and the same thickness as 821 chain for side transfer applications. Applications include food products, containers and bottling lines.

Our chains are made from Trilon 1000 a high molecular weight Acetal with wear resistant additives that provide superior wear resistance and toughness allowing it to replace stainless steel chain in many applications.

Physical Properties English
LF882-K450 Width 4.50 inch
LF882-K600 Width 6.00 inch
LF882-K750 Width 7.50 inch
LF882-K1000 Width 10.00 inch
LF882-K1200 Width 12.00 inch
Top Plate Thickness 0.20 inch
Nominal Tensile Strength 900 lbf
Pin Material Stainless Steel
Colors Tan is standard, Custom colors are available
Physical Properties Metric
LF882-K450 Width 114.3 mm
LF882-K600 Width 152.4 mm
LF882-K750 Width 190.5 mm
LF882-K1000 Width 254.0 mm
LF882-K1200 Width 304.8 mm
Top Plate Thickness 5.0 mm
Nominal Tensile Strength 4,000 N
Pin Material Stainless Steel
Colors Tan is standard, Custom colors are available
Packaging 10 ft. standard, any length available
Sprockets 10 and 12 tooth Split Sprockets and Idlers available

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